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[WP7 Game] Resource War

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M.S.cxc    0

Game Story:

A UFO took away the Earth's resources, a young man set out to save the Earth.

Game Features:

  1. Have portal, snow, marsh, landmine, trap, freezer, generator, front, radar and other 13 kinds of terrain.
  2. Enemies can launch different types of bullets or laser.
  3. You can upgrade the engine, tire, fuel and shell to enhance your abilities, and you can have one ultimate skill.
  4. World 1 (1-24 level), world 2 (25-48 level), total 48 levels, first few levels are relatively simple, but the later levels is more difficult (they may make you want to choke the map author).
  5. No ADs (save phone power more).




The current version is 2.0, Download Link.

Game Rule:

Control your car to get all energy on a map, and avoid enemy attacks and the damage of some units, upgrade skills and use some units on the map is very helpful to pass level.


By default, the virtual pad is used to control the movement of the car and release the ultimate skill.



  1. energy, you need to get all the energy.
  2. well, your car cannot pass through the wall.
  3. trap, if you enter the trap, your life will decrease.
  4. portal, portal can send you to a location.
  5. snow, your car cannot be stopped and turned in the snow.
  6. switch, switch can open some walls.
  7. well x, well x can be opened.
  8. marsh, marsh reduces the player's movement speed.
  9. landmine, when the landmine is triggered, it will explode in a very short period of time.
  10. radar, radar can launch air strikes against you every few seconds.
  11. freezer, freezer can freeze the ground every few second.
  12. generator, generator can discharge every few seconds, if you get an electric shock, then your life would be reduced.
  13. conver, if you hide in a conver, the enemy will not be able to find you, but the bullets have been fired can STILL HIT YOU.



  1. blue enemy, can launch a normal bullet.
  2. red enemy, can launch bullet which can be automatically slow down.
  3. purple enemy, can launch high speed bullet.
  4. brown enemy, can launch laser.
  5. green enemy, bullets fired by the green enemy can be returned.



  1. Fuel

    1. +1HP, +1 Max HP, require 4 stars.
    2. +1HP, +1 Max HP, require 4 stars.
    3. Repair, ultimate skill, HP +1, 9s CD, require 8 stars.


  1. +1.5S, +1.5 Movement Speed, require 2 stars.
  2. +2.5S, +2.5 Movement Speed, require 4 stars.
  3. Sprint, ultimate skill, Movement Speed +5, 1s DUR, 0.5s CD, require 2 stars.


  1. +0.5P, +0.5s Protection Time, require 2 stars.
  2. +0.5P, +0.5s Protection Time, require 2 stars.
  3. Inv., ultimate skillInvincible, 2s DUR, 5s CD, require 8 stars.


  1. -0.2R, -0.2s Rigid Time, require 1 star.
  2. -0.2R, -0.2s Rigid Time, require 2 star.
  3. A. skid, ultimate skill, Antiskid, 3s DUR, 4s CD, require 5 stars.

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LSlari69    2

well, at least windows mobile games are picking up. Looks like a well thought out game to me.

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