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HP Proliant MicroServer N40L - Critical Error

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LexL    3

So i went to watch TV tonight on my boxee box and selected the show i wanted... and i waited... and waited...

Then thought, the servers being rather slow... better go take a look.

Well it was on, the HP health checker logo on the front was blue (so no problems there)... lets try and remote in.... ..... ..... Nope, Must have crashed, ill do the good old switchy off and on..

At this point i go to press the power button and the N40L wont turn off...

So unplug the power cable from the back.........

Plug back in and now the HP health checker LED logo is Red meaning a critical error... this is instantly - wont even get to POST.

So now began a 2 - 3 hour troubleshooting task....

Monitor Connected to the VGA port...

Bios Reset.

RAM Removed

All HDD removed..

Cant remove much else...

And it powers up as soon as the power lead is plugged in still wont POST and that power switch on the front still wont turn it off...

So heres my logic...

Must be the power supply.... If you are the owner of a HP Proliant MicroServer (the older one or the N40L) - Your power supply appears to be made specifically for this proliant series of servers.

and if your not in the US, believe me when i say that sourcing one has taken me 2 hours... Either well over ?130 or out of stock and most minor retailers, forget the major retailers...

The power supply is a Delta 150w SPS 620827-001

So ive gone and bought one (grrrrr) and some more ram just for good measure...

Could i have overlooked anything?

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Axel    95

Yes you've overlooked the standard year warranty and you've overlooked the fact that a brand new microserver is also ?130 after cashback! :p

I would highly recommend you cancel your order!

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+Byt    44

Get it replaced under warranty :)

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