Show Us Your Server [2012]


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I threw a 1TB drive into my daughter's Core i5 PC and installed PS3 Media Server to stream movies and music wherever I want it. Does that count? :rofl:

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Roger H.

Here's the home server :)

Lenovo D400 - Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, 4 x 2TB HDDs, Windows Home Server 2011 , it uses about 45W idle. The reason the middle lights don't show up is because they are formatted as GPT vs MBR so the monitoring softare can't read the status!


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My School Lab Server ...


No, that's a stock image...

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Would make a great one. It's just a test machine for me.

8x10 core Xeons = 80 Physical cores, 160 logical

8 socket server? Didn't know they still made them! :p. What do you run on that, a lot of VMs or compiling/testing or what?

Also with reguards to the 3.5" vs 2.5" yes 2.5" drive do use less power generally, you have to check their speeds though (e.g. my 2.5" SAS drives are 10k and 15k RPM, whereas your 3.5" drive is 7200 or 5400 rpm :) )

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Here's my home server. The case was cool when all the LEDs worked, but that was a long time ago. Got it on Newegg for $50 back in 2003

or something. Server has an Athlon II X2 240, a Biostar TA790GXE motherboad. 4GB DDR2, 2x 1TB HDDs(file storage) and a 320GB HDD

(holds VMs), with ESXi 5.1 running off of a flash drive. It hosts 2 virtuals, one is a domain controller and the other serves Sharepoint

Foundation 2010. The box on the right is my roommate's server, it serves as a secondary dc, but I can't remember what's in it.

Got an ASUS RT-N16 running dd-wrt going to 2 gigabit switches. One switch downstairs connects the servers and my roommate's PS3.

Other switch upstairs connects his PC, my PC, and another 16 port 10/100 (which connects my repair area).


Here's my desktop. Core2 Quad Q6600 clocked at 3Ghz, 8GB DDR2, DFI P35-T2RS motherboard, Radeon HD 6950, 2x Intel 80GB SSD in

Raid0. Yeah, I need to upgrade the CPU/RAM/mobo lol. Top monitor is a 20.1", bottom monitor is 23", and the large TV/monitor is 42" (for

great Netflix!).

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My cute little server ~^_^~



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Not my server, but one of Kim Dotcoms many racks... Phwoar!


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