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DFS folder target referral list update

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Graimer    22

Hey guys. I'm working on a setup with 2 file servers(file1 and file2) syncing different folders one-way to the other server as a backup. I'm using DFS(manually disable/enable target links) to hide the backup-solution from the users. The syncing is done using a robocopy mirror script running as a scheduled task every 15min. Every dfs folder has one active target at a time(since robocopy only syncs from one to the other). The problem is when I switch from the primary server to the backup server for some of the folders. Ex. File1 goes down. So I manually stop the syncing task to avoid it getting stuck, I deactivate the folder targets where File1 was active, and activate the File2 target for the same folders. By doing this, all new traffic to the folders should be sent to File2 instead of File1. The cache TTL for the folders are default value(1800s).

Now, because there's allways only one activate target for each folder, the clients referral list for the affected folders only contain File1 as a target. But since this server(File1) is currently down, the client will fail to connect to the folders or access any of the files, until the cache TTL expires and the client updates it's folder referral list. That time is pretty long. Now, what I'm wondering about. Is it possible to get the client to update it's referral list when every server(the one) in the list in unresponsive? I have tried it with default settings in Windows, and the client doesn't give a cr*p if every target is unresponsive. It just gets stuck and waits for the TTL to expire. Is there any GPO or something that could change this behavior? So that "if all targets are unresponsive, update the folder referral list"?

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