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Barry Sonnenfeld is attached to helm an adaptation of the obscure DC Comics? series The Metal Men. The comic features six superheroes based on elements from the period table: Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, and Platinum. Each hero has powers relating to their element?s property. For example, Iron is the Strongman, Mercury can melt to move through tight spaces, etc.

Here?s more on the comic, per Vulture:

For those unfamiliar (and let?s be honest, that?s probably most people), The Metal Men centers on an artificial-intelligence expert named William Magnus who creates six cyborgs, each made from a distinct chemical element with talents reflecting their places in the periodic table: Gold, their leader, was almost infinitely stretchable; Iron, the strongman; Lead, the simpleton protector; Mercury, the capricious risk-taker who could melt into the tiniest crevices; Platinum, a female cyborg who could flatten herself but who couldn?t believe she wasn?t a real woman.


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