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Diztronic Matte Black TPU Case

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+Nexus18    167

You receive a screen protector and cleaning cloth with the case. The screen protector doesn't appear to be a great fit, no idea about the quality and how it affects the screen overall. The cleaning cloth seems pretty good :p


This case is very thin, it is slightly thinner than the TPU gel case, about 1mm is added to the S.

Diztronic case on the left, TPU gel case in the middle and the Tough case on the right:


Diztronic case on the left and the One S "naked" on the right:


The case looks great, in some ways the glossy front half of the case looks rather good with the back half a charcoal matte back (it is the exact same colour as the black S). Personally I would have preferred the front to have been the same colour/finish, however, the back is very smooth and not grippy at all, it has the least amount of grip compared to the other cases I own, I would say it has a more "slippy" feel than the ceramic back of the Black One S as well, where as the glossy black front half of the case is grippy, so you will have no problems picking the mobile up and when holding it firmly around the edges you should be safe enough, so in some ways the black glossy part is a requirement.

You have cut outs for the following:

- 3.5mm audio jack and the mic on the top of the S

- Mic on the bottom

- Power/Lock button

- USB port

- Speaker and Camera on the back

The edges of the cut outs have a nice rounded finish and look "smooth".


In terms of the "fit", overall it is excellent, however, at the bottom of the front it is just a mm too short. It is pretty much the same as the TPU gel case for "tightness", although I found the Diztronic case slightly easier to fit.



You can see (only when you look closely though) and feel some rough seam edges where the matte and glossy black parts meet, more so on the volume buttons (although the volume buttons have only the matte finish), but compared to the ?3 TPU gel case, it is much better! There is one spot, which is particularly bad though, on the bottom left of the case:


The great thing about this case is that you have a cut out for the power/lock button :D The TPU gel case was too tight around that area and also the volume buttons are much better, easier to press and have good feedback when pressed, still not as good as the Tough Case though and obviously when the S is "naked". It is easy to identify the volume buttons without looking compared to the TPU gel case.


The camera lens is below the surface and the case covers the edges on the front and adds a very tiny amount to the front so that there is a a raised edge for when the mobile is placed flat down on a surface to stop the screen touching the desk surface, it is slightly less than what the TPU gel case added.


Regarding finger prints, sticky patches and greasy looking marks, I don't think this is going to be a problem at all with this case due to the matte back and just how smooth it is. So far I have yet to see any finger prints etc. And if there is, you will only notice them under extreme lighting conditions and when looking at the case from certain angles.


It is more "comfortable" to hold the S with the Diztronic case rather than the S "naked", however, it doesn't "feel" as nice to touch/hold as the ceramic back on the S.

The case feels and looks much better than the TPU gel case, overall it has a higher quality feel and look to it.

The minimal/clean design for the front of the S is still hidden/ruined slightly, as expected, unfortunately as I said before this will be the same for every case that covers all the edges, only the rock/nillkin/case mate barely there cases would keep the front looking pretty minimal/clean, but they don't offer any protection around the top or bottom.

As for protection/durability, I would say that the case would do a good job protecting the mobile from normal drops and the standard scratches etc. however, a drop onto solid concrete etc. from a good height could damage the mobile i.e. crack the screen as their isn't enough thickness to the case like there is with the Tough case and there would be no shock absorption either. But for daily use, I would say it is perfectly fine. However, this case would show scruff marks on the corners/back when dropped onto concrete etc.

All in all, the case is very good especially considering the price (?8), highly recommend it to everyone especially if you are looking for a case to cover all edges but with little bulk.

IMO there isn't a better case out for the One S that covers all edges whilst adding little bulk and looking as nice overall, especially the lovely smooth matte back even though it isn't grippy :p


- protection for all edges

- nice cut out for the power/lock button

- good feedback for the volume buttons, easy to identify and to activate the buttons

- nice finish/looks overall

- comfortable to hold

- Also receive a cleaning cloth and screen protector

- resistant to finger prints, greasy marks and sticky patches etc.

- price


- no grip at all on the matte back

Thanks for reading and I hope this review has been helpful and as always any questions, ask away :)

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mrk    203

No grip is a bit of a bummer! Sadly with cases it seems you have to sacrifice something. In cases like this you sacrifice the sleep design of a phone to add all round scratch/scuff protection and lose some grip :(

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The Angry Bunny    6

I use a Diztronic case with my Galaxy Nexus and I absolutely love it. I can't imagine a better case for my Nexus.

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