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Windows Live ID - Doesn't Exist, Can't Create

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UseLess    82

Evening Neowinians!

So I have recently created a live ID using my work email, and it was working for about a week or so - then it stopped.

I tried to sign in at, however it said that my live ID didnt exist. I thought...maybe they 'lost' it? So i tried to create it again... however it said it couldnt create it (probably because it already exists?)

So...kinda confused =P

Anyone have any idea what to do? (I mean beyond just creating a new ID...but its for WP...and its a pain to swap the phone to a new Live ID =P)

Cheers for the help! =)


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+Ely    178

I would try things like attempting to reset your password, changing from lowercase to upper case (the username/pass) etc, sometimes that resets things in their system, chances are your device might be sending the wrong characters, try deleting the account from the phone, then entering back in, hope this works.

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