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PS3 structure, execution questions

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emilxp    1

Hello everyone. I have some questions about the PS3.

The PS3 has the Cell broadband engine, the RSX gpu, hardware from the PS2 for running PS2 games, the Hyper Visior and some other stuff in hardware. In software the PS3 has a firmware or the Game OS. Not sure if both are the same thing. The Hyper Visior is not really something in software I thing, but maybe there's some code in it. There are some system calls with the Hyper Visior, the Cell and so on, but I haven't heard about kernel system calls.

Do the PS3 Games work ontop of the systems calls of some kernel and the hardware instructions, system calls or they work just ontop of the hardware? I've heared that there is a file system implemented in the Cell Processor, but I'm not sure about that. And if the PS3 hasn't got a kernel then has it drivers or there is a hardware way with system calls for communicating with the hardware?

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CentralDogma    144


More specifically, you can start looking at the boot order page to get a general feel for the structure of the PS3.

The simplest answer the the question your asking, though, is GameOS.

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