Problems switching inputs on receiver

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I have a Logitech "all in one" remote which is programmed to operate my cable box, TV, receiver, and blu-ray player.

Lately, the receiver or some other component has difficulty settling on a signal. For example, my Samsung TV seems to only work on a specific resolution when watching TV. When I press the watch TV button on the Logitech remote, the cable box, TV, and receiver turn on. Rather than display a picture, I get a blue background on the TV with a message that says 'not supported mode.' I have to turn everything off and back on again several times before I can watch TV. Other times, I have to wait a few minutes before the TV detects an input from the cable box.

When I want to watch a movie, I have a similar problem. The TV is searching for inputs even though the receiver is on and the blu-ray player is on. I have to cycle through the inputs on the TV to get the movie to display on the TV. Eventually the TV detects the blu-ray input and displays the movie.

Are these problems an indication of a bad HDMI port or is something else going on?

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Try taking the receiver out of the equation and see if there are still problems. Plug everything in directly to the TV and see if you have any problems with any of the sources. If everything works correctly it's probably hardware going bad on the receiver. If it still doesn't work it sounds like a hardware problem with the TV.

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This sounds like a 'handshaking' problem ... try this from a Denon thread on another forum ... (different amp I know but ... )

HDMI handshake issues with cable/sat boxes are quite common (with any brand of AVR) and are usually always the fault of the cable/sat box not being designed to be connected to an HDMI repeater (ie. AVR) which is why they work without issue connected directly to the TV. The first thing to try to resolve the issue is to ensure the source device having the issue has the latest firmware installed and has been reset (ie. powered down, unplugged for a few minutes, then powered back ON again). Next try following this turn ON order: TV first, wait a few seconds, then the AVR, wait a few seconds, and finally the source device. If this doesn't resolve the issue, then in some cases you may resolve the issue by trying the HDMI HDCP reset procedure listed below. With the 2312CI/3312CI (1913/XX13 CI models) if you are having a video issue, try setting the "Resolution" setting to the resolution of the TV(eg. 1080p) rather than the "Auto" setting.


1. With all devices powered on, remove the two HDMI cables at both ends from the source device to the AVR and from the AVR to the TV.

2. Power off all devices and disconnect power cables to all devices.

3. Wait 10-15 minutes.

4. Reconnect HDMI and power cables to all devices.

5. Power on the devices in this order ... TV, wait a few secs, AVR, wait a few secs, and then source device (although this is the generally recommended order, in some instances, you may have better luck powering on the AVR first and then the TV, then the source last ... bottom line if it's still not working, try a different power on sequence).

I wonder if you can put 'pauses' between commands on your Logitech remote to make sure the components come on in the right order?

or it could be a dodgy cable of course!

ref ... http://www.avsforum....l-owners-thread

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