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[Guide] Packaging Adobe Reader 10.1.4

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Baigley    2

Here is a quick guide to packaging Adobe Reader 10.1.4 for deployment in your environment.

While this was my method, there are obviously multiple ways to deploying this, and I appreciate you refraining from posting any negative comments.

I hope atleast one person finds this useful.


Download 10.1.0 Full MSI

Download 10.1.4 Update

Download 10.1.4 MSP

Download Customization Wizard

Extract 10.1.4 update exe using WinRar, 7zip, etc.

For this example, I extracted to c:\Install

Delete everything but Setup.exe and Setup.ini

Copy AdbeRdr1010_en_US.msi and AdbeRdrUpd1014.msp to the new folder (c:\Install)

Rename AdbeRdr1010_en_US.msi to AcroRead.msi

Rename AdbeRdrUpd1014.msp to Update_1014.msp

** While renaming is not necessary, its easier to read.

Open your new AcroRead.msi in the customization wizard, change settings to silent, and make any additional changes.

Generate a new MST from the 'Transform' option. Save the MST as 'AcroRead.mst' in C:\Install

You should now have five (5) files in the install folder.






Open Setup.ini.

Under the last line of [setup] add a new line with the following:


CmdLine=/sall /rs


Under [Product]

Modify to match the following:







Save and close the ini.

Import your new package into SCCM, or whatever deployment method you have, and choose the setup.exe.

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