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Will the iPhone 5 do it for you vs. Lumia 920

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majortom1981    242

I want the nokia 920 and I like windows phone 8 over ios right now BUT I cant get a discount till may 2013 So I am stuck with my iphone 4s. If no new lumia is announced before then I will get the 920 unless off contract is not as expensive as I think.

I am tired of IOS not being updated with major features. Why cant I still see how many emails I have on the lock screen or the weather on the lock screen? The other os's have that. Its been an asked for feature since 2 iphones ago.

Also I added ios 6 to my iphone 4s and besides the screen I get all the other ios 6 features. Even the iphone 4s picture taking speed increased and picture clarity improved for me so I am wondering how much of the iphone 5 better picture taking was software related since actual specs that matter on the sensor are the same.

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