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GPL v2 violation or not?

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Hydl    3

Greetings. Could some GPL guru point out whether this could be a violation of the GPL v. 2 or not?

Suppose there is a server program licensed under the GPL. Then I make my own fork of it, and stick to the GPL by providing the source as long as I provide the binary, etc.

Now suppose I add a feature to the server, by which it is possible to load a .dll that extends the functionality of the server.

Now, I don't mean to add module capabilities in general. I just want that certain special .dll (or .so) to be loaded, if the user so wishes. So the server is kind of hard coded towards this certain module, but using it or not is optional.

The module is not part of the OS, or the compiler or anything of that sort. It's a module that only works with said server program.

Here's the catch: I intend to provide my fork of the server, with sources and all, on my site. I intend to provide the module on my site also. However, I won't release the source code for the module.

Would that be a violation of the GPL v 2?

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