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My Picks:

Cardinals - Patriots - INCORRECT

I hate the patriots, but with the Cardinals QB position shaky, it is almost a given. Especially considering it is Brady and the Patriots home opener.

Postgame: Boy, was I wrong on this one. Did not expect to see the Patriots to lose to the Cardinals, of all teams in their home opener.

Buccaneers - Giants CORRECT

Giants loss to the Cowboys, and simply aren't going to go 0-2. Besides, the Bucs simply do not look that impressive.

Postgame: Wow! Eli Manning passing for 510 yards. That is just ridiculous.

Raiders - Dolphins CORRECT

Of course I am picking the Dolphins. They are my team! Also, I think week 1 was a fluke, and Tannehill will remedy his tipped passes here in week 2. The raiders defense looks poor and their offense isn't much better. Besides, the Dolphins hardly lose to the Raiders.

Go 'Phins!

Postgame: Another wow! I expected my team to win, but WOW. The Dolphins destroyed the Raiders. Reggie Bush rushing for 174 yards and two touchdowns. My throat is hoarse from yelling. Great game, simply amazing!

Saints - Panthers CORRECT

This is a hard pick. Saints defense isn't looking good, and the offense looks shaky. With Sean Payton's suspension, I think I see them losing this game, and after an 0-2 start, I believe they will come back. Just not yet.

Postgame: ;) Told ya.

Vikings - Colts INCORRECT

The Vikings looked awesome last week... Wait, excuse me, Adrain Peterson looked awesome last week. Hands down, with Dwight Freeney out for the Colts, Peterson is going to run all over them.

Postgame: I didn't catch any of this game, so I can't say why I was incorrect. Congratulations to Andrew Luck, first NFL win.

Texans - Jaguars CORRECT

I had to suffer through the Texans defense demolishing my Dolphins last week. Blaine Gabbert is not ready for this matchup against this defense. Need I say more?

Postgame: Nothing to say here, as expected.

Browns - Bengals CORRECT

The Browns looked terrible last week against the Eagles. Those interceptions were on Vick, not on the Brown's defense. And their offense in atrocious. Bengals will walk away with this one easily.

Postgame: I didn't catch much of this game either, but it was no surprise, really.

Ravens - Eagles CORRECT

This is a close one. But I do not think the Ravens No-huddle will hold up against the Eagles, and Vick has a lot of passion. He is going to use last weeks follies drive him this week with a win.

Postgame: ....Every word I said rang true with this one. Was a close one down to the last minute. Holy ****, could I have not been more right and this game end up exactly how I thought it would.

Chiefs - Bills INCORRECT

Toss up pick. I don't know much about either team, except that Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick got overpaid.

Postgame: I was wrong on this one, granted I don't know about the match up here.

Cowboys - Seahawks CORRECT

The ONLY reason I am picking the Seahawks, is because I hate, and I mean hate the Cowboys. This one is going to hurt my weekly pick score, but I don't care, I refuse to pick the Cowboys.

Postgame: That was definitely not expected, but somewhat it was. I forgot how inconsistent the Cowboys can be. That was quite a damn game by Marshawn Lynch. Eat them Skittles, you earned 'em!

Redskins - Rams INCORRECT

RG3, RG3, RG3! Honestly, I am not an RG3 fan, but his opening game against the Saints was impressive. The Rams cannot finish. Simple as that.

Postgame: I was wrong again. And this time, I am shocked. Maybe I am wrong, and the Rams can finish, cause they as hell did here. Though, the Redskins stabbed thereselves in the foot, with that unsportsmanlike call at the end of the game. Oh well, quite a shocker, though.

Jets - Steelers CORRECT

No contest. Even with key players out on both sides. (Revis out for the Jets, Polamalu for the Steelers) The Steelers will walk away with this one, albeit not easily. I hate both of these teams to by the way, so I probably won't even glimpse at the game.

Postgame: Yeahhhhh! I knew the Jets couldn't handle the Steel city. That Bills game was a fluke. We will see you next week Jets. IT'S ON!

Titans - Chargers INCORRECT

CJ2K will break out in this game. Albeit, the Charger's held McFadden to only 32 yards last week, I still don't see them as a contender.

Postgame: I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Man, was I wrong, that is all I can say, lol.

Lions - 49ers INCORRECT

Ahh, the infamous handshake. I voted the Lions, simply because of their explosive offense. Though, the 49ers defense is probably the best in the league right now. The 49ers will more than likely win, but I still can't stomach picking them after the 1985 Superbowl. Marino never got his day thanks to them. :(

Postgame: This game ****ed me off. What the hell, Lions? What was that? Horrible performance from a team I least expected. Granted the '9ers defense is stout, I still can't believe they let themselves get shutdown like that.

Broncos - Falcons INCORRECT

Broncos, hands down. I still don't believe in Matt Ryan, or the Falcons defense. Manning is going to pick that defense apart. I'd say it is going to be a moderately high scoring game. Both teams will get into the 20 point range I'm sure, but I think Broncos will walk away victorious, 35-28. Manning shines in primetime.

Postgame: Damnit, Broncos. Damnit Manning. Damnit.


Kickoff starts soon!

Let's get ready for some football!

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Damn Zappa, is there any chance you could continue posting these? If so, I'm going to be relying on you for a good overview of the games each week I think :p I'm a recently converted NFL fan in England, but we only get 2 games each week on the BBC, so other than that I don't really have much clue of what's going on elsewhere.

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Yeah man! I had planned on doing it weekly. Regardless of thread activity. It is somewhere to put my thoughts, predictions and analysis. I watch way to much football to not spread the knowledge, lol.

Thanks for the compliment. :p

It is nice to see overseas fans. As long as you aren't a New England fan, we can get along. :rofl:

Back to the Broncos vs. Falcons game!

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