HTC Windows Phone 8 Announcement, Official discussion

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I don't think the 8S is midrange at all, it's obviously low-range IMO. I mean dual 1Ghz and 512MB of ram with very low internal storage (though you have a microSD slot). All of that says low range, why anyone would think it's "mid" is crazy.

If the 8X is going to hit AT&T for $199 I bet the 8S will be free with a contract from the start.

Yep, the 8S is definitely low range. The 4GB of memory confirms that.

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Of course if you toss in the Nokia apps that I just don't see HTC competing with then they pull a good deal ahead IMO.

Yeh, the Lumia 920 is definitely the headship WP8 device still. In terms of WP devices, I don't see anyone taking the crown from Nokia for now.

There probably just isn't a big enough demand for 32GB and up, when you still have apple making 8GB and 16GB options for it's devices I think that says it all.

Which Apple device comes with 8GB capacity? Apart from the iPod shuffle (2GB), the rest of the iPod/iPad/iPhone range have a minimum capacity of 16GB. It's not just the "media hungry people" that can fill up 16GB easily as newer apps can take up to a few GBs of space and then you have your photos, music, movies/videos, etc.

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Those are nice. I'll take a blue one please.

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They're talking about the live tiles again.

Side view of the device.

HTC finally took the veil of their 8X device featuring Windows Phone 8. The device features an array of various technologies, including a 4.3? Super LCD2 display with Gorilla Glass2 at 720P resolution. In addition, the 8X features a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 CPU, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of non-expandable storage.

But perhaps the most interesting feature besides the included NFC and 8MP BSI camera, is the Beats audio software and hardware. The software features some advanced DSP and signal correction technology but the 8X also features a 2.55v amplifier to greatly increase sound output.

And just as important, the HTC 8X will be coming to AT&T (US) for an estimated price of $199...


Likewise, the phone features a 2MP front-facing camera with an F2 aperture and 88 degree wide-angle view, geared for better self-shots when out with friends. The camera also features HTC?s dedicated image processor for fast image rendering.


Looks (externally) like a more colorful Droid Incredible (VZW) - another HTC phone - which is FAR from a bad thing. Okay; VZW will be getting at least one - but which one?

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George P

Verizon should be getting the 8X along with AT&T and t-mobile. It seems Sprint wants to stay out of the group for now.

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Interesting, the 8X's front-facing camera does full 1080p recording, also a f/2.0 lens.

8X and 8S to more markets and partners than any other previous HTC Windows phone

Coming in November, Together, both will be available on 150 mobile operators in over 50 countries"

8X on T-Mobile, ATT, and Verizon!!

Hands on video.

That's good news. I am planning on ditching ATT for T-Mo (hello unlimited data!) and now at least I will have 8X if Nokia doesn't put 920 on t-mo.

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