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Need an add-on to sync or save address book

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jnelsoninjax    8,970

I need an add-on or some method of backing up the address book in thunderbird. I am getting tired of each time I have a system crash that results in a re-install I loose the address book. I do have my backup program making regular backups of the %appdata%\roaming\thunderbird\profiles\ directories, but that does not seem to include the address book.

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+BudMan    2,921

Dude you have more problems than seem possible.. I have 8 different systems running windows, not counting all of the countless VMs that use for testing, etc. And I don't recall the last system crash that required a reinstall. Last issue was my daughterinlaws laptop, that had to be 4 years old at least died. They bought a new one - something with the fan or the thermal paste, it would only stay on for a few minutes. She had all her stuff backed up that she needed, but I pull the drive and could of pulled any info she needed off of it. She just wanted to wipe it before she trashed the thing.

Why don't you just take a full image as your backup if your having to reinstall the system?

As to your question at hand - just export it. Built in functionality, no need for any addon or 3rd party tool


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