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Looking for a general opinion / advice on utilizing cloud storage

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Amamba    2

Hi all,

First off, I am not a novice when it comes to using cloud storage. I just need a way to optimize the way I do it.

We have a load of devices - a W7 desktop, a W7 laptop, a netbook dual booting XP and Ubuntu, 2 Android tablets, 2 Android phones and an iPad.

I also have free accounts with Dropbox (25 mb at the moment but will revert back to the standard 5GB 2 years from now), SkyDrive (25 GB),, Sugarsync, Google Drive and iCloud.

I want to sync essential items (docs, a photo or two, etc.) accross all the devices. I want to utilize the service that is the best - i.e. is most reliable, has highest sync speeds, doesn't botch up sync in any way, and / or has additional perks I am unaware of.

I am not hung up on storage space. All the docs that I need synced are under 1 GB.

Right now, I am using Dropbox, simply because this was the first one I set up, and it's reliable enough.

However, there may be some advantages of using other services that I am missing.

Any opinions ?

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