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andrew_    20

Hello all,

While in Seattle last week for business, a colleague and I were discussing the Windows 8 power options and the extra steps from desktop mode to get to them. I already knew about (and participated in the thread, kind of) SimplePowerOptions ( that another member put together, but neither he nor I were satisfied with that. I found out after the fact about NPowerTray and iPower, but I still like turning out small utils.

So I wrote this up last week in free time between meetings. It's pretty basic, hence simple, and there aren't any configuration options for it. It's bare bones and does what it does.

So here's Simple Power Plus.



  • All of the session ending options have prompts.
  • Start Screensaver is only available if you have a screensaver turned on. It checks every time the menu is displayed.
  • I'd recommend running this from a directory within your user account. eg. C:\Users\[current user]\Desktop\Simple Power Plus.

I welcome feedback and suggestions.

You can download it here

The source code is here if you'd like to poke around or contribute.

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SlimShady    7

That's pretty cool and useful! I'm sure I'll use it when I get Windows 8.

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