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Hope this is the right forum.

Anyway, I have a domain user on a Win 2003 terminal server who can't seem to print on a network printer from MS Office 2003. Everything else prints fine: Open Office, browsers, Adobe Reader etc. (It also works if he opens the ms office file in open office.)

But when he hits print in MS Office, the "printing animation" starts, but nothing happens. This works fine for other users on the same terminal server.

I would be grateful for any tips.

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possibly a local profile issue on the terminal server. Verify default printer in the local profile, try printing to a different printer or pdf printer as well....log the user out, verify that the user logged out in the terminal server manager, then log back in and try again....try a stop and restart of the spooler service.... try a reboot.... try rebuilding the client profile.

Just a few things off the top of my head that you can attempt.

Right forum, bad heading.

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Print Driver. Switch it. Ive run in to this several times, utilizing the correct print driver often resolves this. I often find utilizing a PCL 5 or 5E driver is the friendliest driver you can use.


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