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So I asked this in the IRC channel but it was met with less enthusiasm (ref: zero) than I was expecting, so my question remains unanswered. To the forums!

I want to get some documentaries to watch. Thinking about the type of documentary I'm looking for, I would get quite specific and say that the David Attenborough documentaries are great, as are the things that Brian Cox has done recently. The only problem I have is that there is so much choice!

I will probably end up getting lots of them over time, but for the moment I feel completely swamped with options. And so I thought I would come here and ask you all which your favourite documentaries are. I would prefer that they were recommendations that fit the criteria above, but if you can think of something that I absolutely have to get/watch then feel free to suggest it.

A final criteria for those recommending a documentary to buy: I would prefer if it were available on Amazon.co.uk. It's not essential, but I'm in the middle of buying packages from there anyway, so if I can throw a couple of documentaries in to my shopping basket I'll be one happy chappy!

What does Neowin recommend?

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