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Denis W.

I have a keyboard that lacks media keys - play/pause, back, forward, stop, and volume control keys. But I can't be arsed to buy a new keyboard, and frankly I'm tired of clicking on controls on my desktop to change the volume (and besides, Windows 8 is the first Windows with a OSD built-in - finally).

So I found this sample AutoHotKey script and modified it for my needs. Code is below. For the uber lazy I've also attached a compiled exe. The below comments should easily tell you what the keyboard combinations are ;)

Drop a shortcut in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup to start upon login.

;; Virtual Media Keys
;; Based on
;; Map WIN + F5 to <<
#F5::Send {Media_Prev}
;; Map WIN + F6 to Play/Pause
#F6::Send {Media_Play_Pause}
;; Map WIN + F7 to >>
#F7::Send {Media_Next}
;; Map WIN + F8 to Stop
#F8::Send {Media_Stop}
;; Map WIN + F9 to Volume Down
#F9::Send {Volume_Down}
;; Map WIN + F10 to Volume Up
#F10::Send {Volume_Up}
;; Map WIN + F11 to toggle mute
#F11::Send {Volume_Mute}

Virtual Media

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I happened to do exactly the same thing the other day when i received my Filco. I use Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys for different functions though.

One thing i am looking to do is setup an OSD for the volume control, there's a few already out there that just need modifying to suit.

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      Add fractions easily

      Want to quickly add a fraction? Simply long-press on the number and Gboard will show a list of common fractions that you can add easily.

      What are some of your favorite Gboard tips and tricks? Drop a comment and let us know!

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      Save 19% off the Gotek Voyage Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard
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      Today's highlighted deal comes via our Gear + Gadgets section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 19% off this Gotek Voyage Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard. Get work done no matter where you are with this keyboard's bluetooth connectivity, V-shape design and 166° angle.

      What's the deal?
      Sending a long email message, editing a detailed document, or taking notes at conference sessions? With your compact companion Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, you can get more done on your tablet or smartphone no matter where you are. The ergonomic design of this V-Shaped Bluetooth Keyboard with a 166° angle gives you the most comfortable typing experience. This design helps create a natural typing position and minimizes pressure on your hands and wrists so you can be productive for longer periods of time. What's more, it adopts a scissor mechanism beneath each key, which ensures a quick response for efficient typing. The full-size keyset also provides an excellent sense of touch, making on-the-go typing a breeze.

      Built-in rechargeable battery supports 40-hour continuous working & 30-day standby Stand supports devices with screen size up to 13 inches Wireless connection is automatically turned on once keyboard is opened & turned off when folded Impeccably works with all Bluetooth supported devices Ergonomic with V-shape & 166 degrees angled design Specs
      Color: black Finish: matte Materials: PC, PU Product dimensions: 0.2"H x 13"L x 4"W Weight: 6.2 oz Bluetooth 4.0 Distance: 32.8 ft Battery: 110mAh lithium battery Operating time: 40 hours Standby time: 30 days Charging time: 2 hours Key lifespan: 3 million clicks V-shaped w/ 166° angle Scissor mechanism beneath each key Full-size keyset Super slim & lightweight Foldable & portable Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty Good to know
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      What's the benefit?
      This Gotek Voyage Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard normally costs $89, but you can pick it up for just $71.99 for a limited time - that represents a saving of $17.01 (91%) off!

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