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Hey all!

I'm running a half marathon on Sunday, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about what I should do this week, in preparation?


  • What should I be eating, each day?
  • How should I be sleeping?
  • What should I really be doing?

Any advice would be much appreciated for me to run in sub 2:00 hours!


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I'm no expert, but if you're eating healthy and enough protein, and enough sleep for you, you should be okay. If you're considering this I assume you are already in decent shape and work out/run some.

Everybody is different, but I work out regularly and I know how much sleep I need and what foods make me feel best. Some people are carb types, some are protein types. It's hard to advise not knowing anything about you--what works for me may be bad for you.

Do make sure you rest enough the night before, get a good (but not huge) breakfast, and stretch/jog a bit before starting so you're nice and warmed up and ready to go. If you can find coconut water (not coconut milk, the water from young green coconuts) where you live, it's the BEST thing to drink before/during/afterwards for maximum energy and hydration. And get some good tunes going. Good luck :)

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