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Hi guys,

Now before I give the reason for starting this thread, let's go back a bit and find out why Y'z Dock / edited Y'z Dock installations are not allowed to be distributed now.

The author of Y'z Dock - M.Yamaguchi was contacted by Apple with a Cease & Desist Order for creating a program which perfectly emulates the Dock in Apple's OSX, as Apple own intellectual rights to the Dock created for OSX - M.Yamaguchi requested people not to distribute Y'z Dock anymore via the web and all work to be halted on it, now you know why I've created this thread - we come to the next part.

Due to the recent influx of threads reguarding on where to get/find download links to Y'z Dock, it is necessary for Neowin to show it's stance on Y'z Dock - this means NO DOWNLOAD LINKS to the files, anyone who does post download links intentionally will be warned on sight, as well as all threads being removed. Also we do not support it in anyway on the forums.

I would rather prefer Apple don't come after us for having our members posting Y'z Dock download links, when we are one of the major tech news sites on the web.



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