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Obviously I should have sorted them out over the years after taking them, but I have over 4000 Christmas, birthday, vacation, etc photos that have accumilated over the years. They were all just thrown into one folder. Quite a few don't have correct dates.

I need a program that can automatically place maybe 200 pictures in separate sub folders at a time, so Windows doesn't have to be slowed down trying to load a single massive folder.

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The closest thing I can think of to recommend to you is this. It's not cheap, at $40.00 but it gets the job done.

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Attached is a script that will copy files from a source folder and copy them into separate folders. You can choose how many files go into each folder. I wrote it pretty quickly so its a bit messy.

To use the script rename the extension to .vbs. You need to run it from command prompt.

Usage as follows:

script.vbs SourceFolder DestinationFolder NumberOfFilesInEachFolder

Any issues let me know.


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