NFL - Week 8 (International Series)

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Rams v. Patriots

This week is the NFL's annual "International Series" game in London, at Wembley Stadium. Always a fun time, I'm sure, taking the sport elsewhere in the world for others to enjoy. (Though, if I am not mistaken, the NFL is much more popular in Germany, and I wonder why we have yet to take a game there.) It seems the fan favorite, is the New England Patriots, as we can see here, as they chant Rob Gronkowski on to "Spike the Mic," (somehow spiking the ball really hard, a basic move performed in the NFL since its creation, is now referred to as the 'Gronk.') and he gladly obliges. I let it be no secret, that I hate the Patriots, with a fiery passion. So I hope the Rams destroy them. And I think they will, as the Patriots are in a steady decline, and as I have stated before, the Patriots do not travel well, although they have been in town a couple of days.

I can only hope my fellow British and travelling European friends make it a living hell for the Patriots, although, I know it won't happen. :(

I've heard from a couple of friends, that, they are getting tired of seeing the Patriots in London, and more people that are fans of the NFL, actually prefer Florida's teams. (Tampa Bay Bucs, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jags) I was told this is due in part to Florida being a popular tourist vacation area, than the northeast (besides New York.)

Anyway, my money is on the Rams, simply because the Patriots don't perform all that well away from home, and moreso, across long distances.

Falcons @ Eagles

I think this will be the week the currently undefeated Falcons finally suffer a loss. I'm not the only one either . It really comes down to Andy Reid and his group versus Mike Nolan. Which they have really been successful at. I would know, since Nolan was Miami's defensive coordinator for years, and as awesome as Mike Nolan is, the Eagles have his number it seems. I think it comes down to more than that, moreso, the Eagles defense versus Atlanta's offense. I think that will be a major point in this game, and the Eagles will prevail there.

Dolphins @ Jets

Let's get this out of the way: I am probably going to pick the Dolphin's every game, except in the 49ers game later in the season. I can't help that. That being said, we are going to destroy the Jets. This week, this has been the game all over the media, due to some trash talk (by the Jets) and the Dolphin's, not stooping to their level, countering back with some words, in defence of their fellow teammates, but with little pock shots at the Jets. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Laron Landry, and some unknown moron named Maybin stated, "We want to knock him [Reggie Bush] out of the game," and that they are "head-hunting." Now, if the bounty scandal taught us anything, it is that those two players, should be suspended, at least for this game. I am sorry, but comments like that, directly threatening to injure a player, that is sickening. Not the first time the Jets have done so either, let us not forget the time they tripped Nolan Carroll on the sideline, injuring him after forming a wall to hurt the player. Now, Reggie Bush did say it was karma for Darrelle Revis to be injured after head coach Rex Ryan wanted to put some "hot sauce" on Bush. Which, as most players, coaches, and news outlets have stated, is completely a fair comment against the Jets, since they like to run their mouth so much. The Jets are the skidmark of the NFL, basically, and I pity anyone who is a fan.

Besides all that, the Dolphins are a much better team, with an NFL Quarterback that has only been in the league for 6 games, and is already much better than the 4 year pro Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has no poise in the pocket, and never has. He cannot handle a pass rushing team, and that is exactly what Miami is. The Dolphins are an all around better team in every facet of the game, except at our cornerback position, and possibly safeties. But that isn't a problem, since our stellar pass rush will limit the Jets opportunities. Our offense versus their defense is also a no-brainer. Our running game will be the key factor here, and it will do well.

Dolphins - 24 : Jets - 9

Redskins @ Steelers

I am still not buying into the Robert Griffin craze. The Steeler's are starting to get into their groove. The Redskins are a good team, but well enough to be a consistent .500+ team, I really don't think so. I see them at 6-10 or so, but the Steeler's are usually a perennial playoff team. The defense of the Redskins can't play four quarter's of football effectively, and I think that is what this game will come down to.

Seahawks @ Lions

I must admit, I am thoroughly impressed with the Seahawks. The same type of impressed I was with the Lions last year at this point. Now the tables have turned, and the Lions look like the Seahawks of the past, and vice versa. I almost feel bad for Detroit... almost. I am rooting for the Seahawks, they are the big underdog of the west coast.

Chargers @ Browns

I only know enough about these two teams to feel really bad for the Brown's, while applauding Brandon Weeden (who I picked up in my fantasy). Something has got to click for them to start winning. The Charger's I don't really know much about, except that I cannot stand Philip River's. As teams, the Charger's are clearly superior to the Brown's and unless they can learn how to win tomorrow, they...well, won't.

Panthers @ Bears

I really do not care for either of these teams, and won't even glance at this game. I just know the Bears are a better team overall than the Panthers, so, that is my pick.

Colts @ Titans

So, Chris Johnson, finally did something last week. And, the Colts fell again. Now, I need the Colts to win. This has little to do with the two teams facing each other (although, if that were the case I would still pick the Colts, because they are marginally better than the Titans) and more to do with the fact after my Dolphins take on the Jets, we go to take on the Colts. Teams have a better chance of winning coming off of a loss, thus I need the Colts to win, so the Dolphins have an even better chance of getting the win here. Consequently, during that week, I need the Titans to win, because the same scenario plays out, as we take on the Titans.

Fun stuff, eh?

Jaguars @ Packers

There is so much I could say about this game... That I am not going to, because it is as straightforward as they come. The Packers are in their groove, and look good as ever, the Jaguars.. are the Jaguars. If somehow the Jaguars win this game, I will personally give the first poster in this thread $10 via Paypal, just because it sounds like a sure bet to me.

Raiders @ Chiefs

I am really slacking it seems on other teams, because I don't know much about this one either. Sorry, I just don't keep up with completely irrelevant teams. (That isn't a shot at fans of these teams, but both are quite irrelevant right now, so unless I am a fan of either team, I don't keep up.) I pick the Chiefs because I dislike them less than the Raiders. This game is exactly how my presidential election pick will go.

Giants @ Cowboys

I love these two teams facing off. It allows me to p**s my sister-in-law a good bit. And there is nothing more fun than that, right? :p

The Giants are the better team here, as is Manning the superior QB. But let us not forget, the Giants' only divisional loss, is to the Cowboys. So there is that. But, the Cowboys have yet to beat the Giants at Cowboys Stadium since it has been built. Honestly, the Cowboys are not even a home team when playing at home. It is kind of sad, but that is what happens when you build a stadium like theirs. This division is anybodies for the taking, and this game is pretty big for both teams. This game could be a determining playoff spot later on down in the season. It should be a good one to watch. A much better fit for primetime than...

Saints @ Broncos

The Sunday primetime many primetime games is that for the Broncos? I feel like I have watched them in every PrimeTime game. Well, it is their 4th game in primetime this season, and one can't help but wonder if Tebow were still here would they have 5 primetime games in one season? No, the answer is no. The reason isn't Tebow, it is Manning, we know this. But as far as I can tell, this season Manning has been what defines the term "average." It is very boring to watch; like Philip Rivers boring. But, it has results, much better ones than the Saints at least. Honestly, this is the toss-up game of the week. This game can truly go either way. The determining factor will be if the Saints defense have a good poker face up against Manning, or if they show their hand to early. Should be an interesting one, and pretty damn important for both teams, even if it isn't a conference game.

49ers @ Cardinals

For the sake of my fingers, as I am tired of typing, I am going to keep this short. This one probably deserves a much more thorough, in-depth breakdown than I am going to give it. This is a very important game for both teams; it is a divisional game, they both have superb records so far, etc, etc. Though, as bad as the 49ers have looked in their losses, they have looked just as good in their wins. In my opinion, they are the superior team to these Cardinals, who are slowly, but surely, falling apart as the season goes on. I honestly don't think the Cardinals stand a chance here, but hey, weirder things have happened.


See ya tomorrow for the games!

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