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Running HDMI and VGA at the same time ?

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InterEmad    0

Hello Everyone!

i have Dell Optiplex 990 MT with Intel HD Graphic Family 1GB already in my PC it worked perfectly with me but i wanted to upgrade my PC and being able to use my LCD as a monitor as well (sometimes)

so i bought nVidia Geforce with HDMI output but once i installed it the already built-in video card (intel HD) stopped and i can't even find it !!

i have both HDMI and VGA outputs connected to my ST24 DELL Monitor but still no sign from the old video card

so i need someone to explain the situation I'm facing and tell me if it's possible to run both cards at the same time and if it would affect my PC or power supply performance

Thank you All!

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Shane Nokes    739

Onboard Intel HD and nVidia discrete? That won't work for multiple displays.

Why not hook up the other monitor to the second output on the new discrete card? If it's a card with DVI and HDMI only, then you can buy a DVI to VGA dongle and get video out on the second monitor.

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