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Would a Mini Display port To DVI adapter for Apple work for other Video car

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dan99t    2


I have AMD FirePro 2460 video card with 4 mini dp outputs & it came with 4 mini display port to DVI pigtail converters.

I have been using Four Dell U2412M High resolution monitors ( 1920x1200 )with it.

Now one of the mini DP to DVI converter doesn't works so I have been searching for it & came across similar converters but they all say it is for Apple Cinema Display, to a Mac Pro (2009), Mac mini (2009), iMac (2009), MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air etc.

It looks almost identical to mine except the color, which is white & mine is Black.

I am also not sure if mine is an active conveter or not. Apple's isn't.

Here is what Apple's looks like :

Here is what mine looks like except I am not sure i mine is active.

So would Apple's adapter work in my Video Card ?


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