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Microsoft begs Web devs not to make WebKit the new IE6

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funkydude    85

I just though it would be hilarious to bump this thread with this:


Microsoft offers patches to WebKit to aid touch compatibility - Google, Mozilla, and Opera are on-board. Apple? Not so much.

Yeah, WebKit is so free, and open and non-proprietary and XYZ and it's the greatest ever and IE should just die. Yet... Apple still seem to decide everything.

Microsoft, unlike Apple, is participating in W3C's standardization process and has made the intellectual property commitments that W3C demands. Representatives from Google, Firefox developer Mozilla, and Opera, along with Nokia, Zynga, jQuery, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, are all working with Microsoft to refine and improve Pointer Events. As with Touch Events, Apple is deciding not to get involved.

Google developers expressed interest in adding Pointer Events support to WebKit in November citing both compatibility with Internet Explorer, and the IP problems with Touch Events as reasons to do so. However, the response from one of Apple's WebKit developers was negative; the developer claimed that the Pointer Events spec had (unspecified) problems and that there was no point in supporting Pointer Events until real Web content used it. Another Google developer invited Apple to join the Pointer Events Working Group to help improve the specification and address those unspecified problems, but thus far Apple appears to be unwilling to participate.

Looks like the future of WebKit is to become a fragmented/forked mess by the various companies who use it but disagree on what should be added.

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