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VLC video filters?

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hi I am trying to save a video with the filters i set using VLC player .... it allows me to convert it but it will not save the contrast and hue changes .... any help?

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Copernic    370

Here's a step by step approach. We'll use the VLM Control to choose video input and output files. We'll also use the Extended GUI option to create our effects. We'll even handle a bug that crops up when VLC reads/writes files.

Setup for broadcast.

  1. Choose View / VLM Control... from the menu.
  2. Type something in the Name box.
  3. Choose an Input file by browsing to the video you want to change. Location may be an issue, so place it where the directory path is fairly short, e.g. "C:\temp" on a Windows box. When you hit Choose the Open... File dialog appears.
  4. Run the transformation (may require to expand the window to show controls)
  5. If output file does not maintain the changes try toggling the video overlay setting (CTRL-S - Video)

from here:



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