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Windows cannot access random folders on unRaid server

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I have an unRaid server at home that I also have hosting a LogMeIn Hamachi VPN. I've been able to access all the various subfolders on my server from my OSX laptop while at work (or just remotely in general), but I'm having issues doing the same with my Windows 7 desktop machine (also at work).

I can access the majority of the folders on the server, but for some reason random folders are not accessible. I get the message "Windows cannot access \\MEDIASERVER\Documents\My Documents\Random_Folder"

Oddly enough this only seems to be the case with the Documents user share (I can also see the "TV Shows" and "Movies" shares that are on my server, but I only have the Documents share mounted since I'm using it as a remote backup & sync across all my machines). There are no differences about the security settings for the different shares, so I assume this is something on the Windows side.

I have no issue accessing these folders on my two Windows 7 machines at home (which are on the LAN).

I'm sure more information is needed to help me troubleshoot this so let me know what to provide.


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