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"No, Linux isn't always perfect. If it was, it would be out in retail against MS and OSX."

Nothing is perfect, that includes OSX and Windows!

You've got large segments of PC users, one large segment is gaming which might be changing to linux sometime soon, you never can tell :p.

Another huge segment is productivity (posh word for office users) and MS Office is basically the de-facto standard, you can only get MS office running on linux using wine which in itself has possibly stability issues so no business is interested, although now office 365 is web based, I see no reason for companies to use windows for this.

Another large segment is developers! iOS developers are forced to use OSX so either have to acuire a mac device or use a VM. Xbox and WP8 and most windows developers will need windows and VS, yes you can create windows executables on linux but you'll need cygwin libraries and whatnot and it won't be using any additional C# libraries on windows or whatnot.

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