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change tinyxp to a legit OEM copy

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anarchy99    0

so ive been advised to make new images for our helpdesks pc's but i find the slipstreamed XP just as laggy as the existing images

just for fun i tried tinyXP and find even with our crappy bloated ticketing tools and such it is excelent performace wise on our old PC's

the problem is i dont want and cant be a pirate especially in a work enviroment

so i ripped the product key with jelly bean from our existing acronis image so i could use it to legitly register tinyXP but it says product key invalid

jellybean mentions (X'ed out some info so i dont give it away)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

Product Part No.: A22-00001

Installed from 'OEM' media.

Product ID: 55274-OEM-0011903-00107 match to CD Key data


Computer Name: MXXXXX

Registered Owner: XXXX_USER

Registered Organization: XXXX

so i tried changing the PID in the setupp.ini to OEM to use the key and it still didnt work

anyone know how i can get either the windows cd files to accept the key or how i can change the key post install


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Blueclub    215

If the key is for 'Professional' version as well, call up MS, and do a phone activation?

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Raa    1,408

You cannot (legally) change from Retail to OEM media. Source an OEM disc and install it from there.

There are ways to convert between media types, but this enters the gray-area, and I'm not sure it's wise to discuss such things.

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