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Crossposting this from the WPCentral forums...

Check it out:

Timeline Photos | Facebook

Now before you say, "that's just a dummy phone", Microsoft doesn't use dummy phones for their promo pieces.

Here's July 4th:


Bram Stoker's B'day:

Windows Phone's Photos | Facebook


Windows Phone's Photos | Facebook


Windows Phone's Photos | Facebook

I could go on. The point is, Microsoft doesn't use generic phones for their Facebook promos, and if they do I'm hard pressed to find them.

Now look at the device itself:

Hard lines, metallic case, and the buttons match the buttons on the Surface. And if this is the Surface phone, I want it. I own a Surface, the build quality is fantastic, and it feels awesome to hold, probably the best feeling case of any tablet I've ever held. So I'd take the phone to match.

This is probably wishful thinking, but anyway. Thoughts?

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It's not a "leak" if it's posted deliberately.

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