The best 1000 Watt Surround Sound System on the market?

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I am shopping around for a 5.1 surround sound system and am hoping to get one with a 1000 watt maximum output. Many of the systems I have seen have much lower watt output , such as 300 watts or 150. Does the lower wattage make those systems inferior, or are there more important factors in determining the quality of a speaker system? This is one of the 1000 watt systems I found :

My budget is 200$, can I do any better than this sony theatre system for the price?

Thank you and any input would be appreciated- I am not knowledgeable in home audio one bit.


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Glassed Silver

200$ and 1000W is ridiculous, don't kid yourself.

Do you know that those systems driving a good long base at 1000W actually need a hell of specs?

They need to be sturdy as heck, use high-end membranes and boy, you can't have that cheap.

Forget about 1000W, those 1000W in cheapo systems are always just peaks for ridiculous fractions of a second.

Even a short base will need some time to develop and lower, even if it's a sudden base.

A 1000W base would practically sound like a short pop if you will, just really deep and I'd just not bother about that as it's ridiculous.

That's because the transistors can't hold so much charge to deliver much more.

Go with something nice in the 300W range, much more honest specs in that department. (Y)

Glassed Silver:mac

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To be honest wattage doesn't mean an awful lot when it comes to home cinema. A higher wattage just means it draws more power and will have a higher max volume, it doesn't necessarily mean the sound will be better. I would go for something sensible like ~300W as suggested above.

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Watt is not a good measurement. firstly it had nothing to do with audio quality, secondly it doesn't necessarily mean loud volume.

You can get a Sony or Samsung surround package that 1000 watt, but it's measure in a way that over maximizes the Watt output, and while it's loud and decent audio quality. You could get a Pioneer/Yamaha/Onkyo/Denon 5.1 receiver that's 50-150 watt per speaker, that with a decent set of speakers will not only outperform the former on volume by a far margin, the audio quality will be FAR better as well.

That being said, something like a Samsung HT-D5550 is an excellent 5.1+bluray setup. and while it's not as good as my old Pioneer+Dali speaker setup that I had to move to the upstairs living room since I could have the floor speakers downstairs due to the placement of the wood stove, it does provide an excellent movie and TV sound experience.

I don't think the 5550 exist anymore, but there should be a newer model.

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Should do the job, and it seems like a proper receiver s you can upgrade to real speakers later.

Well never mind, it's a HTiB with "snap click" speaker connections, so you can't really hook up anything bigger to it. but it should be a very good setup as is.

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