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System Functions Reboot-To

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Doctor_SPAM    0

Here is a program that I wrote for my website and thought you guys would like it

This program is just like NeoSmart Technologies iReboot : It allows you to pick the os you boot into next but unlike iReboot this one is free and will be supported here as long as it gets some sort of interest :D

Current version:


How To Use

#1: Just select your operating system from the list and click!!!

#2: Reboot :D

#3: Enjoy!


#1. Select OS to boot into.

#2. Options to reboot on selection.

#3. Uptime information and other system information.

#4. Start with windows (start with the Reboot-To service) options.

#5. Options to reboot back into your default OS.

#6. Update notifier so you know you are using the latest version.


Microsoft Windows Operating System

.NET framework 3.5

#:Virus Total Information

#1. One AV reports this as bad. It is a false positive.

#2. The Microsoft family of AVs don't know what this is (obfuscator I used to protect the code.). It is fine. I've already reported it and all that. :p

Reboot-To Menu

Reboot-To Service


#: : Released: 11/06/2012

Initial release.

#: : Released: 11/08/2012

Fixed Service crash on uptime information gathering

Fixed Client crash on uptime information gathering

Update Client UI (Information page and Main Menu)

Updated installer: We now use Inno Setup.

Fixed Options page and subsystem (Cleaned up the registry settings: removed auto start error)

Update service controller information start= auto

Added updating to the main service (not implemented)

Added functionality to update the menu to add new entries: updates every 30 seconds

#: : Released: 11/12/2012

Updated menu to keep options checked & disabled when the menu is rebuilt

Fixed start with windows issues

Implemented update checker

Added check for updates option

Fixed installer so you don?t have to uninstall previous versions.

Changed service controller start information: start= delayed-auto

Added checks to see if service is installed. If installed then start or disable information panel

Made Reboot -To Menu more compatible with installer and uninstaller

Updated versioning system - Server uses build and revision data

Minor UI updates - About page has donate button.

Application is now more portable only dependencies are the .NET framework

#: : Released: 11/15/2012

Fixed reboot bug. Should reboot even though you aren't connected to a network.

Improved the updater. It will now let you download packages from the System Functions Update Server.

Service now handles most requests

Updated the installer code to remove old versions of the software to insure you are running the latest binaries

Added menu item to restore boot order back to the default boot loader entry

#: Release: 11/19/2012

Cleaned up the code. Removed unnecessary code.

Changed update schedule. It will be updated around the third Friday of each month.

#: Download links

Latest Version

#: Other Information

Program should be able to overwrite pre-existing installs

Settings should be maintained when overwritten with newer versions

Updated is enabled by default and will check for updates every 5 hours and upon program start.

Please donate to help me keep my server and software available for use

Please hit "Thanks" if you like this program

Please tell me about any bugs you find or any problems you run across

# Support List

Window Vista - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows 7 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows 8 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows Server 2008 R2 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows Server 2012 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Ubuntu (wubi) - Reboot to is supported

Ubuntu Server (wubi) - Reboot to is supported

It will allow boot into those operating systems from your Windows OS running Reboot-To and there might be more but I have not tried it yet.

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Computer Guru    3

iReboot *is* free and supported...

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