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Router Priority-by-Device potential

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bobayoda    0

I apologize if this is redundant, though I didn't see anything helpful while searching "router device priority" and similar, except for the recent "which router should I buy". Ours is a reverse-QoS issue, if there is such a thing.

We're a family of six, plus the occasional friend/extended family. More than our share of tablets, smartphones, Windows laptops and video game systems.

Our problem is that when one of the kids starts up Netflix (or even youtube) on their Kindle Fire or whatever, it slows everyone else down.

Our network: AT&T DSL using the comes-with-it HG-2701 2Wire Gateway; 6016 kbps incoming speed, 768 kbps outgoing. Speed is fine - videos don't lag if it's just one (or even two) of us streaming. But attempting anything else, even to check e-mail, is a slow wait-and-see problem. Not really a QoS issue, but a priority-by-device issue.

I'm not too tech-knowledgeable, but yes, I know that a wireless-G device will slow down wireless-N devices on the same network.

Would a Linksys EA3500 Router (with "Smart WiFi") or similar router help resolve the problem? Their Smart WiFi description says settings allow priority by device (in addition to QoS).

IE, is my internet speed fast enough to handle two or three streaming videos plus a couple of Wiki searches and e-mail checking? What router would be the best for this? Would any dual-band router work to resolve the problem (ie, Kindle Fires on 2.4 band, with laptops and PS3 on 5 band), or only one that does have a setting-by-device feature?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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sc302    1,428

yes the ea3500 would solve your issue.

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