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Xbox Wireless Controller no longer connects, unless

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Teebor    182

I've not used my 360 for months, but I decided to use it the other day and I couldn't turn it on from the controller.

I tried changing the batteries but it would just not power up the console. So I turned the console on manually and the controller paired. Until I moved it about 1cm away from the XBOX

I found that the controller now only works when it is resting on top of the XBOX, so not much use as a wireless controller. But I have no wired controller so I'm a bit stuck.

Is it likely that the controller has been dropped without my knowledge and is now faulty? or the RF antenna has come loose?

Or could it be the XBOX itself (pref the controller)

If its the controller anyone got any instructions on what to look for inside the controller? I can crack it open and easily solder the repairs, but I would like to know in advance what to look for before breaking out the tools.

I did google for the specific issue with the controller but it didn't yield any useful results (they were mostly resync the controller, which doesn't work btw)

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