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NO RIBBON mac osX is an os x style theme for Windows 8 rtm , inspired from the mac os X and made under my personal view.

It does not contain RIBBON to explorer.

This kind of Theme with no ribbon, made because some users who don't like ribbon asked me for.

we will use the folderband for appearing of the pane's, such as the preview pane or the details pane.

i have setted the folderband inside the preview pane so what you need to do for appear it is press from your keyboard : ALT + P

Then go to your folderband at top and select Organise, Layout ---> select/deselect the pane you want>

press again ALT + P for dissapear the preview pane.


we can use also leftsider to set the min, max,close buttons to left. But attention applications which used ribbon such as Paint will not work setting properly when use the leftsider setting to left the min, max,close buttons >So go to taskbar and select to the icon of leftsider so to change the buttons to right .


read all the description text of my deviant page [instruction text included to the pack].

download from http://zeusosx.devia...8-RTM-341194986


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