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Superman vs.

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Superman vs. T-1000:

Superman freezes it with his super breath and then vaporizes it with heat vision.

Superman vs. Predator:

Superman is invulnerable to all of the Predators weapons, and the Predator doesn't know about kryptonite, so Superman squishes Predator like a bug

Superman vs. Alien:

Superman is impervious to acidic blood, and squishes Alien like a bug, Superman is also able to fend off face huggers with ease.

Superman vs. The Borg:

It takes awhile, but he kills them all, the Borg nanites cannot assimilate the Kryptonian physiology

Superman vs. Honey Boo Boo:

Superman's head explodes when he realizes he has saved the human race countless times and this is the result


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was funny ... true for predator

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