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Need help with my Hauppauge HD PVR!

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Yeaitssilas247    0

Hey! So, I just bought this Hauppauge HD PVR today, and it took me a few hours to fix it up. I have managed to get the component recordings for my Xbox 360 to come out perfectly. The definition, the audio and video sync, and the frame rate are all acceptable. What my problem now is getting my composite output to work. I've been trying to record gameplay on my Nintendo 64, and its been quite a hassle. I've updated the driver, and messed with the format settings a bit. No matter what I do, it seems that the audio and video get all mixed up. the finished recording doesn't even play chronologically like it should, it's all thrown together... it's just a big mess. Here's an example:

Here is another example. I tried adjusting the settings a bit. Obviously it did something, but now the audio is clipping at parts, and before I even uploaded this to Youtube, It was acting like the video above, so I'm really confused...

It would be much appreciated to get some advice on what to do next!

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