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Worth upgrading my LGA 1156/Socket H Intel Core i5-750?

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Elliot B.    1,065

I use my PC (8 GB RAM, GeForce 560 1 GB) for gaming and light video editing.

There are currently only 10x LGA 1156/Socket H CPUs on eBay UK, so the second-hand market is a pointless avenue.

I would need a new motherboard if I was to upgrade to Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge (both, I believe, newer than mine).

However, not including the motherboard cost, the CPUs alone that can rival the performance of my current CPU are rather expensive considering the negligible performance increase:

My CPU PassMark score: 4,373. CPUs beating that, such as the i3 3225 Ivy Bridge, are ?110+ and even that CPU only scores 4,406.

So I would realistically need to spend ?150 (CPU) + ?50 (motherboard) to get a CPU performance increase of over 10%.

Also, I would likely need new RAM?

So unless I'm mistaken (I'm only here for confirmation I guess), is it worth me upgrading?

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TheLegendOfMart    1,558

Clock for clock Sandybridge is 14% faster than Nehalem, and Ivybridge is 14% faster than Sandybridge. Not sure what that means in real world terms, but if your PC runs everything you need it to and you are happy with it then I don't see the point in spending loads of money.

I went from i5 750 to i5 2400 and apart from the jump in clock speed if I'm honest I didn't really notice the performance gain. I'll probably wait for Skylake before I upgrade again.

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Phouchg    2,050

I'm with quite similar setup and I've been pondering on the same question for some time, to prepare for Crysis 3, among other things. End result? I don't think I've ever run into a situation where ol' good Lynnfield couldn't handle fairly well something I've thrown at it. Except for the shoebox, but that was unintentional. If you don't have one already, go for an SSD. It's going to fly.

As for RAM - 8 GB should be enough for everybody. You wouldn't need new in case of an upgrade and, most likely, you don't need more of it now, either.

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