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Time Warner Wideband upped to 110+ Mbps in Kansas City

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thomastmc    531

Time Warner Cable's Wideband internet service, which is marketed as being up to 50/5 Mbps, has been getting a boost in Kansas City. A few months ago it was upped to 60/5.5 Mbps just days before the deadline for Google Fiber pre-registrations. Now, a month after Google Fiber connections started to go live in Kansas City, Time Warner has upped the speed of their Wideband service again, to over 100 Mbps.



Usually I don't get good speeds from, but it out did the tests. The highest I was able to achieve at peakview was a little over 98000 kbps. Some tests on were as low as 79-85 Mbps, while other tests that scored around 110-113 Mbps saw spikes during download of up to 160 Mbps. Unfortunately, upload speed remains at a meager 5.5 Mbps.

TWC has been horrible for the last couple of weeks in this area, with drop offs, intermittent outages, and average speeds around 30 Mbps. It turns out this is a pattern, as the exact same was true just before the last upgrade.

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