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Microsoft Wedge Mouse Problems

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Aergan    621

I bought a Microsoft Bluetooth Wedge Keyboard and Wedge Mouse over Christmas for my Windows 8 Pro x64 Dell L702X laptop.

The keyboard is working apart from a slight annoyance with the FN keys being inverted (E.g. F2 = Mute) compared to my laptop keyboard.

The mouse however is a different story. The touch scroll function is erratic - one moment is scrolls line by line, next it refuses to do anything and then it scrolls by pages. Either way the experience is horrible and is actually made worse by installing the Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center ( I have disabled the Horizontal & vertical "flick" functions because it really can't distinguish what is a scroll and what is a flick.

The main problem though is the right click function. Every now and again the mouse will not perform a right click and sends a left click to the OS. I have spent some time trying to work out how this is being triggered but I am at a loss. It does not seem to matter if:

  • How hard you press the right click button
  • Where you press the right click button
  • Whether a finger is on the left mouse button

This seems to be most frequent in Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Explorer.

I tried logging a support request with Microsoft but they require a PID number which this mouse does not appear to have on the device itself or the packaging so they want ?46 up front (which is more than the device cost me). I left a post on Microsoft Answers but it hasn't been answered. It would seem though that a handful of people are having the same issue on there.

Any help would be appreciated, especially from anyone with a Microsoft hardware background.

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