Sony BDV-N590

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So, few months back I bought the Sony BDV-N590 (~416 euros at the time)

Anyway at first nothing was wrong I plugged in my HDMI cables from my monitor to my pc etc etc. (it supports the Media input of 2 devices and Media output of 1 monitor/tv)

Worked really great until one day I flicked the switch on for my screen where my speakerset just started screeching this really loud tone, scared the crap out of me. So I ran a few checks (nothing hardware ish since warranty) even updated the device to newest firmware but didnt help a thing. It just kept doing the random beeps after turning on my screen.

Real shame, since I didnt want to pull every cable from the walls/ceiling etc. I just hooked it up to analog and put the screen into my videocard directly (No harm done right?)... so few weeks later.. I come home from some work thing., Really tired.. flick on the screen walk back downstairs to get me some food... it just starts screeching (Speakerset was already on and I just flicked on the screen and it does that suddenly) So yeah.. Ofcourse @ loudest volume it screeches and I have to shut everything down again in my room just to disable the speakers.

So I'm looking for some input on the how and why this happens. And why this only happens when I flick on my screen (even when its not hooked up to the device)

Uhm, yeah I'm also sending the device back for repairs, just looking for some answers really :(

Thanks in advance

(oh yeah, I still use the weird ..... at sentences I don't seem to get rid of it)

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