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Event log monitoring software?

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+unabatedshagie    10

I started having issues with one of my servers over the weekend.

A look through the event log told me that it'd been having problems writing to a section of the disk for a few weeks.

I was wondering if there was any (preferably free) software that would monitor the event log and email/notify if errors (preferably configurable) so I could have caught this issue sooner.

I've had a quick look on Google but all the software I seem to be finding is more stats based. Things like etc.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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+BudMan    2,997

splunk can notify you of events.. But depending on your setup might be a bit complex for what your looking for.

Windows has had the ability to forward/subscribe to other machines event logs for quite some time. And then you can do lots of things with an event trigger, etc.

In your perfect solution what would happen exactly, and what type of setup are we working with. And we can find the closest we can get to your perfect solution.

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twism113    0

A nice free option is

It will notify you when errors occur on the machine and has filters / thresholds to control which events are forwarded.

There is a paid version if you have multiple machines you would like to monitor, but it sounds like the free version would work for you.

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