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This goes back a while.. There was a picture of a theme for Windows Vista that had a tropical background (beach) and the taskbar had cut off (and curved) edges. The sidebar was also in the same style of being curved at the corners. It was all transparent and looked real nice. I think it was a photoshop, but I am indeed looking for the actual picture that used to be around this forum ages ago (was on google too). If anyone can remember/locate it, that'd be great.

If the theme itself was ever created, please post what you know. I've tried looking around and could only come up with modern "aero diamond" themes that do not have the cut corners and feature unofficial start buttons. Definitely not what I want. Thankum!!!

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I found it, it's called Aero Reloaded! It was a "mock up" at first, but then someone got around to actually making it (even the wifi gadget). Curved taskbar, curved side bar, blue highlights etc.. I used it a long time ago and ended up losing it when win7 came out. I'm hoping someone out there might remember this. Maybe it's archived or out there on the web. Maybe I won't get the gadget, that's fine, but at least the theme and side bar skin.





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