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Restoring SVN repositories?

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zoheb    5

We have SVN implemented on the server and use rsnapshot to backup the SVN_ROOT(All repositories resides under this) daily on a remote server.

Now we need to test if the restoration process works successfully. So I got the backed up folder from the remote server to my local system.

Then I installed SVN on my local system. But I wasn't able to checkout from other system in local environment. Can someone guide me restoring the repositories so that we can test the checkout and checkin features.

Also I read somewhere that rsnapshot does not maintains the revision history and hence it is very complicated process to restore it.Can someone confirm the same?

Alternative would be to use hotcopy option but incremental backup is not possible and we should not make a full backup using hotcopy daily. (Only the changes should be written)

Any other options would be great

It is really a time critical issue. So any help is appreciated...

Thanks in aDvanCe

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zoheb    5

Never dealt with it myself but i found a guide here


Thanks for the info but will that restoration work only if we take a repo dump. DUMP stores the revision history info. Can we apply the same when backed up with rsnapshot?

Though I am going to try that tonight...

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