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Can someone explain why I shouldn't get an AMD FX CPU?

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count0nz    41

I went with an AMD FX-8350 + Best MB i can get.

The Pricepoint was around $500 cheaper than the Intel at the Same Proformance.

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DKAngel    188

The i5-3570k only costs about ?15 more (?20 more if you go for boxed rather than OEM). It's a faster gaming CPU, and will consume a fraction of the power of an FX-8350, the effect on your electricity bill is something i'd personally advise factoring in. As far as I'm concerned it's simply a far superior choice.

FUD. Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPU's and boards are interoperable.

wow one set of cpu's that were brought out so close together, yet i cant use my i5 or i7 on those boards, which he is trying to get, the am3+ socket has been around for ages and alot of cpu's are just compatible much like the good old days were u could stuff and old athlon and athlon XP and sometimes even a X2 all on the same board

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