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hiring web developer

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capr    36

hey, so I am trying to hire web developers to build my website. I am going to supply the design and all the graphics that they need. There is no real "development" and I believe most of the work is just html.

the guys I have been talking to are quoting me $150 an hour. That sounds VERY high to me considering that I can probably get a few college kids to do the job. This other place is asking for $95 an hour. Once again that's way more than I expected....

anyone have experience? I am sure we got some web guys here, how much do you usually charge? The most complicated piece is a store finder, I will give you an excel sheet and you list the data based on the zipcode my users type. Everything else is static text.

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jrolson85    2

I believe I could help you, I have +8 years experience in html, css, php, photoshop, mysql, ect.

Dont know what price I would do it for but we can always negotiate.

What kind of site would it be, for a store?

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