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USB shortcircuit fried my laptop?

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Travis959    52

I have an Alienware M17x R3 that was working fine this morning. I went to plug in a powered usb hub, and the laptop shut off and refused to power on or do anything at all. I've taken out the battery as well as the cmos battery and left it for a few hours until I tried again, but still nothing. The battery is fully charged.

I didn't notice any sparks or burning smells when this happened, but I'm going to assume that the USB port somehow shortcircuited, but I thought there was built in mechanisms to protect motherboards from surges from USB ports? Is there anything else I can do, or has this motherboard just bit the dust? The warranty on this expired a month ago.


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lars77    19

Have you tried turning on the laptop w/ just the AC adapter plugged in? (no battery)

Have seen USB ports get fried, but never saw one take out the whole motherboard. But, maybe it could happen?

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