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Do any of you guys have Sky fibre?

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Haggis    983

Ok guys i need your opinion

My master socket has no electric sockets near it

just now i have a 5m ADSL cables going from the socket up the banister to where the router sits

the plug then comes from the router rouns the banister to the top landing where it plugs in

There is also a ethernet cable going from the router to a 2nd router so i can get total wireless coverage as my house is old and the walls are very thick

So i need to be able to plug that second router back into the new sky hub when i get it

I am thinking of asking the engineer to have the Openreach modem on the wall about 3 meters away from the master socket so again i can run the plug from it around the banister to the sockets i can then have the hub sitting updtairs and still have my router sitting on the banister for downstairs wireless

what do you think of this?

If i ask the engineer to make my master socket upstairs beside all the plugs would he be able to rewire my master socket just now into an extension?

i currently have only 1 telephone socket in the house whici is the master

the main telephone line comes into at the window at the top of the stairs so making the master socket up there would also decrease the cable length

or can he run a data extension kit from the master so i can have the modem and the router upstairs?

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